Adoption Procedure

Finding the right dog for each individual is very important to us, that’s why we have an adoption process.Please take your time to think about what type of dog you are after ,and what type of dog is right for you and your family .

We work really hard to find each adopter the right pet.Each adoption is approved on an individual basis. Some animals may not be considered appropriate for your particular situation ,in that case the adoption won’t proceed.

Many of the animals in our care have had a tough times it’s very important that their home is the right one where they’ll spend the rest of their lives

Think before you adopt.Sharing your life with a companion animal can bring incredible rewards,but only if you’re willing to make the necessary commitments.

Adoption Policies:

Our policies are in place to ensure that the best homes are found for our animals.

All dogs,puppies,cats and Kittens will be sprayed /neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption .

To provide permanent identification ,all animals  will arrive with a microchip.We will supply the microchip number upon adoption .

We will request that you register the microchip to your name .

Adoption Fees which cover flight crate ,Flights exams and etc vary by country .

To adopt you must be at least 18 years old .If you rent or lease a house you must have the consent of your landlord in written .If you have a yard it should be well fenced.

We may carry out a home-visit and in some cases suggest minor changes that will ensure your home is as pet friendly as possible.

If you are planning to adopt an animal and you already have other animals ,you should tell us as much as possible about them so we can make sure you have chosen the right one and that it is suitable for your family .Any adopter wishing to crate a dog will NOT BE APPROVED


-Give dogs or cats to adopters who are likely to use them to hunt or use the exclusively as guard dogs

-To people who are away from home for long periods .

Other points to note:

As the new owner ,you agree to take full responsibility for the care and the well being of your pet for it’s lifetime.Once the adoption is finalized you will be responsible for all medical bills and decisions regarding your pet .Also keep in mind that we are allowed to contact and we can make a visit check after the adoption is complete .