Sponsor a dog !!
If you want to help, us and the dogs of our shelter but you can’t adopt one ,you can sponsor it! By paying 10 euros a month you can help us cover the costs of a dog of your choice.(so the money will go either for food,medicine or medical care). On our behalf we will keep you updated on how the dog is doing and you’ll frequently send you pictures too. Moreover you can visit us anytime you want to see the dog in person. If you don’t want to give money you can sponsor a dog by bringing food or medicine to our shelter. More specifically if you want to sponsor a dog you can:
-give 10,15,20 or 30 euros a month or
-give us a bag of dry dog food or
-give us 10 canned dog food or -pay some of the medical costs

How you can sponsor:
1)Go on our facebook page or blog and pick the dog you wish to sponsor.
2)Choose the method of sponsorship you want
3)Send us a message and we’ll contact you for the details.

Facebook: Stray Planet – Αδέσποτος Πλανήτης (Community) or via email strayplanetadopt@gmail.com Each dog can have 3 sponsors. Some of our sponsored dogs are available for adoption so if the dog finds his/her forever family you’ll contact you and you can choose another one. Every donation will be publicly announced on our page.