Who we are

In an area in Thessaloniki called “Exochi” we have gathered 150 dogs that need our support for their daily needs. We have named our organization “Stray Planet”. Unfortunately the active volunteers are very few and the resources are very limited. We urge people to help us with one of the following ways in order to help more:

 – Financial support: These dogs need shelter, food, medical examinations and treatments. We need to build dog houses (also people that have dog houses are asked to donate theirs to our shelter). Volunteers can also help by virtually adopting a stray, in order for us to be able to cover some of their partial needs.

– Transport: The “Stray Planet” unfortunately does not have a car. Thus, the dogs’ transfer for a doctor’s appointment in case of emergency is terribly difficult, if not impossible. We welcome volunteers in this area, who own a car and drive, to help us with the dogs’ transfers.
– Hosting: We welcome volunteers who want company and a loyal friend to help us. Many of the stray dogs need hosting, either because they are under treatment, or because they are very old and thus are not tolerant to weather changes.
– Rides and grooming: We welcome volunteers that enjoy walking in the countryside to accompany some of our strays for long walks in the area. Volunteers are also welcome to come and groom the strays, to comb and wash them, in order to make their adoption even easier.
– Clean the area that “Stray Planet” is located: The conditions in our area are very difficult. The only infrastructure that exists is a simple fence. We lack houses and shelters and the whole area needs constant cleaning. We welcome volunteers to get hammers, screwdrivers, gloves and garbage bags and help make us clean the area.
– Promotion of our dogs for adoption: We welcome volunteers to help us find a family for our strays. Post pictures and texts of our strays systematically in welfare groups every 2-3 days until we find a house for them.
– Adopt a dog: Be the one that will save a life. Provide a home for a dog and you will be rewarded by a loyal and eternal friend.