Spay and Neuter

Almost 3 million dogs and cats are suffering in Greece.Because of the crisis this number is rising as more and more owners tend to abandon thier pets.

When we neutere a dog we prevet it from having puppies that will inevitably live in the streets.
Stray planet firmly believes that the only way to decrease the number of strays in Greece is by neutering the cats and dogs that are already in the streets so that less animals will suffer alone from hunger,various diseases and human cruelty.

Putting animals either to sleep or in cages won’t change this situation because new puppies will take their place soon.
In order to accomplish this goal we have created a program with sterilizations in which everyone can contribute.
Make the change now, neuter and animal and help these creatures!

We want at this point to mention that The organization A.C.T
Is the our main Sponsor for castration and this has help us to spray and Neuter many dogs so far .So
we want to thank them once again..