Sponsor A Stray

What is the “Sponsor a Stray” programme?

The “Sponsor a Stray” programme is an alternative adoption form for those who want to help animals but, for whatever reason, cannot have one in their home, or for those who want to offer help from far away. With just 10, 20 or 30 euros per month for a dog, and 5 or 10 euros per month for a cat, the sponsor parent covers part of the animal’s expenses including food, medications and medical care, whereas we commit to regularly informing them about how their sponsored animal is doing. As part of the programme, the sponsor parent can visit “their” dog or cat and watch their progress.

How to enter the “Sponsor a Stray” programme?

  • From our website, choose the animal you would like to sponsor.
  • Send a message to our Facebook page, or email us to express your interest, and we will get in touch with you to discuss the details. You can make payments either through a bank transfer or via PayPal, or cash in hand on the occasion of your visit at our premises. You can withdraw from the “Sponsor a Stray” programme at any time simply by sending us a Facebook message or an email.

Join our “Sponsor a Stray” programme...

At the moment, the programme is our basic source of revenue covering 50% of our monthly dog and cat food needs. 

Information about how to send us a donation can be found in Donations.

In the reference field, please write “DONATION” and the name of the dog or cat that you would like to sponsor, e.g. DONATION, Jack.